Activity Report

1.Mori Mori Environment Rescue Team Project

Utilizing characteristic natural and social environment of Sendai, “City of Trees”, NGOs and other groups of environmental activities develop and implement EE programs. The purpose of this project is as follows: children and citizens who experience the programs become persons who think about global and local issues on the environment and get into environmentally-friendly actions to save the Earth and the local community (That means “environment rescue worker”).
In addition, we hold series of open lectures and workshops together with Miyagi University of Education and create opportunities to develop human resource and to exchange information.
In 2005FY we published “Manual for Environmental Learning~’ITADAKIMASU!!-Food, to Eat and Environment. It contains various types of programs, such as relationship between food produce and consumers’ lives, roles of forest, rice produce and ecosystem on rice fields, outdoor cocking method, issue on self-sufficiency of food, food-chain and human life…
We help teachers and NGOs to carry out those programs mainly in school works based on manuals already published under the theme of “Water”(2003FY) and “Our Living Environment”(2004FY)as well. At least 5,000 people have experienced them.
We developed the programs on the theme of “flame, light” in 2006FY and”Greenery”in 2007FY.


2.Environment Forum Sendai

A lot of NGOs, students and citizens who usually take activities severally cooperate with each other to plan and run an event on environment once a year.
They provide citizens with”opportunities to raise their awareness of environmental issues through various attractions of the event.

2004FY Title:”Come, Watch and Learn, Environmental-Friendly Shopping-Green Purchasing Festa!”
October 2-3, 2004, at the Sendai Mediatheque. Held as a pre-event of the 1st International Conference on Green Purchasing in Sendai. 2,800 participants.


2005FY Title:”Welcome to School of “Wa”(*)~All things on the Earth are linked”
October 2, 2005, at theSendai Mediatheque. Held under the theme of ESD. 1,800 participants.eigo-3

2006FY Title:”Welcome to School of “Wa”(*)~Our Everyday Life and Future of the Earth”
October 22, 2006, at the Sendai Science Museum. Held under the theme of ESD. 2,500 participants.
* Circle, cycle, ties. Wa(環)in kanji is used in the word which means “environment”(環境).eigo-4

2007FY Title:”Stop the global warming! ~Things what we can do~”
The Forum was held at Sendai Mediatheque on November 27, 2007 with 1,800 participants.
This year’s forum provided an opportunity to learn what each of us can do to prevent global warming.eigo-5

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3.Sustainable Future Project in Sendai

This project aims at creating sustainable society where everyone, including future generations can live with peace of mind. FEEL Sendai publically seeks plans that can familiarize and well-establish eco-friendly actions to the society with citizens, NPOs, and various environmental organizations, as well as encourage them to assist its implementation. This will help revitalize activities of NPOs and pursuit spreading the idea of eco-friendly action.

(*Under its predecessor project “Environmental Society Experience,” environmental organizations publically sought forward-thinking plans and carried out the plans. Since 2007, the project has changed its name to “Sustainable Future Project in Sendai” due to expanding the content of the activities. )


  • “Parents and Children Eco-challenge Class”(NPO Miyagi Environmental Counselor Association)
  • “Project V! ~eating locally grown vegetable brings Sendai’s professional sports teams a victory ! ”(Sendai Petit Farm)

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4.Sendai Eco-Challenge

The most fundamental place of life is home. So it is very important to learn and carry out environmentally

-friendly lifestyle at home. “Sendai Eco-Challenge” aims at raising citizens’ awareness about eco-friendly lifestyle by checking their actions on environment based on self-check lists on the website. The levels of the actions on the lists are divided into “beginner(10 items)”, “Intermediate(15 items)” and “Expert(20items)”.
Campaigns such as “Eco-Challenge Stamp Rally in Summer Vacation” are held in order to provide the opportunities to participate the activities. Check lists appear on FEEL Sendai’s website.eigo-8

2004FY approximately 3,250
2005FY approximately 2,300
2006FY approximately 3,000
2007FY approximately 2,500
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5. Forum

FEEL Sendai has held open meetings where citizens can gather in order to exchange information and opinions about environmental education. The forum was held in June, 2007 simultaneously with an open competition for “Sustainable Future Project in Sendai.” Citizens actively discussed under the theme of “Sustainable Future ~things what we can do.” Sendai City Forum for Environmental Education and Learning was also held in February, 2008. NPOs reported about their activities which were selected as FEEL Sendai’s projects and exchanged opinions at the forum.
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6.Transmitting & Receiving Information

In order to motivate people to participate EE, it is necessary that they can get information they need at any time.
FEEL Sendai transmits and receives information relevant to EE through the website and booklets.
They contain information about EE activities, events, NGOs and public and private facilities such as botanical gardens, science museums, recycling centers, etc.