What’s “FEEL Sendai”?

Many current environmental problems are closely linked to the modern lifestyle (mode of living) and social system―from daily household garbage problem to the global environmental problems such as global warming.
In order to solve such problems and create sustainable society, environmental education and learning is expected to play an important role because it provides opportunities for each member in a society to raise awareness of such problems and develop lifestyles that have less environmental load.
Sendai City formulated “Sendai City Environmental Education and Learning Plan-Collaboratively Creating the New Environmental Age in Sendai” in August 2002 in order to raise its one million citizens’ awareness and lead them to environmentally-friendly actions for achieving a sustainable society.
In accordance with the proposition of this plan, “Forum for Environmental Education and Learning in Sendai, City of Trees” (nicknamed “FEEL Sendai”) was founded in May 2004. FEEL Sendai is an entity that coordinates partnerships among NGOs, schools, universities, public administration, businesses and others.
FEEL Sendai organizes various activities for raising awareness and provides many opportunities for all citizens to take part in environmental education and learning.


■ Progress toward the foundation of FEEL Sendai